• Active Military, First Responders (Police, Fire, EMT), and School Teachers receive 10% off
  • Full time College Students with valid photo ID receive 30% off
  • Early bird athletes who only want access to AM classes Monday thru Saturday receive 10% off
  • Two family members including couples and young athletes receive 10% off each membership
  • Three or more family members including young athletes receive 15% off each membership
  • Discounts cannot be combined and you can only use your lowest eligible discounted rate


We are always very straight forward and honest with all of our clients which is why we post our prices on our website for all to see. We hope you can appreciate that. We are also in a position to price our CrossFit memberships much more aggressively than most boxes. Reason being is that we also have a flourishing Sports Performance program with a big following of young athletes in grade school, junior high, high school, and college. Please read and familiarize yourself with the polices below and understand they are all in place for a reason and allow us to do what we do. Don’t hesitate getting in touch with questions or if you need clarity on any discount or policy.




  • New prospective members please get in touch before signing up or dropping in
  • Upon signing up all new memberships will be pro-rated until the first of the following month which means everybody’s membership fees are due on the first of each month after the first partial payment
  • We recommend setting up your account to automatically charge your bank account/credit card each month but it isn’t required and you are able to manually pay
  • On the 8th of each month we go into Zen Planner and manually charge accounts who haven’t yet paid, asked for an extension, or told us that their membership needs to be put on hold
  • We add a $5.00 convenience fee for accounts we charge manually
  • The $5.00 charge is per family account, not each individual membership, so don’t worry about being charged this convenience fee multiple times in one month
  • It is each individuals responsibility to communicate with us when they need to put their membership on hold for whatever reason
  • We don’t issue refunds for accounts we charge manually if people have failed to communicate with us before the 8th day of the month that their membership needed to be put on hold but the money paid can be applied to a current or future membership with us


We’re as flexible and accommodating as any box you’ll find so there’s not a lot of red tape or unknowns with us. You can always expect the utmost integrity, professionalism, and communication from us and we just ask that our clients reciprocate showing accountability for themselves.