What is Punish & Reward?

You’re probably asking yourself why we would go by such a name as Punish & Reward. The answer to this question is simple for us and anyone else who’s immersed themselves in CrossFit but we’ll explain none the less. Greg Glassman founded CrossFit in 2000 and has been quoted as saying “nature will punish the specialist” meaning people who do the same dysfunctional movements, without much, if any variety at all will be punished by their lack of preparedness to handle the vast amount of unpredictable situations in life. He goes on to say “specialization is for insects” specifically pointing out examples of people who excel in one area at the expense of many others while neglecting their overall health. This jack of all trades approach, showing respect for and comprehensively including many different disciplines; has grown rapidly worldwide and is here to stay because people who try it become believers. CrossFit has totally redefined what it means to be fit and the substance it adds to peoples lives goes well beyond aesthetics or how people look. If you were an athlete growing up or ever competed at anything in your life; you will appreciate the skill it takes to progress and get better at CrossFit while it makes working out fun and challenging again. We guarantee it will humble even the most seasoned athletes at first and the ones with humility enjoy this and it keeps them coming back for more. The comprehensive nature of the CrossFit approach concludes by rewarding those who put themselves out there unafraid of tackling any challenge while preparing themselves mentally and physically to handle any situation in life.

So You Wanna Compete?

In the last decade or so CrossFit has grown from a lesser known underground training regimen in to a worldwide phenomenon truly becoming “The Sport of Fitness”. The CrossFit Games started out in 2007 as a gathering of a few hundred athletes on a ranch in California and has transformed in to a three tier season with close to 325,000 people registering and competing in the 2016 CrossFit Open. This growth has never shown any signs of slowing down and the strength of CrossFit’s worldwide community as well as the moral fiber of it’s competitors continues to make believers out of doubters. However, this unprecedented growth has produced one small negative misconception. The athletes on ESPN competing in the CrossFit Games have a tendency to make things look easy which has made many people think they can jump right in and expect to compete at that level in no time. Anything is possible, and there are always exceptions to the rules, but in general we want to make sure people don’t have unrealistic expectations when starting out. Enjoy CrossFit for what it is, by all means push yourself to improve, but also understand it’s a journey and so much more than any medal or podium finish. Check out the video below to get a better idea how far CrossFit has come, how it continues to evolve, and what it takes to compete. There are also some very good videos readily available on YouTube and Netflix which can inspire even the biggest skeptic.